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Thread: Recovery of stepping motion

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    Recovery of stepping motion

    Anyone have information on how the stepping motion controlled by spinal cord looks like, or research and articles about it?

    ive been doing suspended treadmill walking with my son. I move his legs for him while he watches a show - so he isn't really consciously trying to walk. I have noticed that, especially the first 4-5 steps he lifts his legs up and moves them forward on his own. I'd like to know, what that means and how to further encourage it.

    ps - no clue if complete/incomplete injury (hard to tell any conscious movement below injury) though they assume incomplete t3.

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    Not sure on the results but your son should be concentrating on every step or motion he makes. God 99% of us completes would give anything to be incomplete and have an opportunity to maximize the results.

    For myself, just cause we are labeled complete or otherwise, means little. I'm 44 years post injury and still work to the extreme to maximize what I have left and still find I get improvement on muscles that were so dormant we thought they were not working.. Is he getting involved in W/C sports. Canada has one of the best programs in the world for athletes.

    Keep at it Mom; stay strong!

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    I just read your profile. I didn't realize your son is so young. What ever you can do to keep his legs and muscles exercised will help. Hopefully there'll be break throughs in the next coming years to help. I trust with a mom like you supporting him, he'll grow up to be an independent, happy person. The Canadian Paraplegic Association, or what ever it's called now, can provide you with a lot of info.

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    I am in Canada (Oakville, Ontario) and Incomplete SCI. For the last 15 years, I am trying to find a way how to improve after my injury.
    By my experience after visiting so many clinics and talking with so many people that were able to achieve partial recovery (it's never 100%)
    they all claim extreme mental involvement, focus of that patient and countless repetitions as a factor's of progress.

    There are some other things that can definitely help.
    Some people need body weight support system, some need FES (Functiona Electric Stim)
    that can be from implants or from electrodes placed outside on muscles.
    Some also looking for help from medications (potassium channel blockers) to increase weak existing signal through the body.
    In Europe they are even combining robotic suite walking with Virtual Reality video games to involve patients (very expensive).

    It's also extremely important is to have and follow quality program customized for the patient.
    All helping factors would not work separately without extreme mental involvement and desire to improve but also nothing
    could be achieved without pursuing good quality program through time.

    Canadian health system or Paraplegic association will not help much.
    Once when you enter this system marked as chronic SCI it is considered non-repairable and
    everyone will try to convince you to focus to adjust to life in wheels.
    You will get the most 12 - 15 physio hours spread through the year as outpatient
    with one or max 2 training sessions per week.
    Not enough at all to induce any changes.
    You have good idea and keep doing what are you doing but somehow try to involve your son into this.
    Good Luck and all the best!!!!

    Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary
    to what we know about nature
    Saint Augustine

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