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Thread: selling best places

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    selling best places

    good morning besides here and disabled dealer where is best to sell your van I have it on craig list


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    You could try advertising locally in stores, etc. in the area you live. Make up a bunch of flyers and post them all over the area that you live in.
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    Here is a facebook group and try offerup or letitgo as these will reach a local people and I am sure selling local will be ideal

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    Quote Originally Posted by djrolling View Post
    Here is a facebook group and try offerup or letitgo as these will reach a local people and I am sure selling local will be ideal
    You could try, a nationally seen web site for Handicap vans and trucks...

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    You can also try eBay motors, but also consider posting flyers at local or nearby rehabilitation centers. Often there are families of newly disabled folks who are in the market for a used van. We sold my mother's van to someone she knew from her MS Society support group, so you might also contact some of these local organizations to see if they accept ads or will refer members to you.

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    I sold mine on ebay motors without issue.

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