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Thread: where to purchase vehicle hand controls w/ no script needed?!

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    where to purchase vehicle hand controls w/ no script needed?!

    wanted to try & purchase new hand controls but seems no matter where i look i need to go through BS like getting a new script and/or get certified in using a new style.....stupid. I live in PA.

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    Have you tried sportaid or eBay?
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    yah go ebay rep
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    Twice I've gone to a local mobility dealer and they've installed used hand controls for me. No paperwork or rx needed. And they charged for the parts what equivalents were going for on ebay at the time. Different requirements state to state?

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    Yes, different states have different requirements on this. Since the OP is in PA, I believe they have one of the most restrictive laws related to this. They may do better to purchase in a neighboring state.

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    I can tell you that NJ won't be one of those states.

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    I got my first hand controls in 1996 at the crip vendor's shop.

    Since then I have fabricated my own excepting two used sets I put in secondary vehicles.
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    Before you purchase any used set of handcontrols, you need to figure out what mounting bracket you need. Different mounting brackets for different vehicles. I have never seen just a bracket for sale, used H/C's often have brackets with them. I also don't think manufactures will sell brackets to the general public.
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    I have a set for sale if you can modify it was for a golf cart but they sure look like the 1 in my van other than the bracket to hold them

    yes florida same way I like to have died laughing as I drove up I'm my van florida put on my new license as Georgia did not care

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    You can also buy "portable" hand controls (Colours makes one kind, there are others) at Sportaid. They are designed to be easy to install yourself. I've known paras who use them in place of DME installed hand controls. Cost around 300 bucks.

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