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Thread: Primo Sentinel

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    Primo Sentinel

    Anyone used these? How do they compare to marathon plus'?

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    I have a set. Have had marathon's too. These are about a year old and I think should last another 6 months. I got 4 or 5 years out of the marathons but they were heavy. The sentinels are much lighter. Only problem I've had with them is they have started to squeak on the hardwood floors in the house, now that the tread is worn. I don't know if they have gotten hard with age or just being smooth now causes the squeak. Can't sneak up on anybody.

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    Wow 4-5 years! I am lucky to get 6 months out of a set of marathons. If you're only getting a year and a half out of the primos they may not be a good idea for me. When the tread wears down on them they definitely squeak. I have all hardwood and tile and it's annoying as heck.

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    I don't go on side walks, pavement much; lots of dirt and grass where I live. Too far from town to push, have to drive. I am also a nut about chair alignment. I check the toe regularly.

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    I have a set of the Primos on my secondary (garage) chair and Marathons on my everyday chair. I trust the Marathons more, solely due to experience with them but I can honestly say that the Primos have given me no trouble at all and have been very dependable. The tread will wear out faster with the Primos (I change Marathons out maybe twice a year) but if a short-term costs savings is ok, I'd say buy them. They are definitely more "rubbery" than the Marathons. They seem to stick better to asphalt/concrete but will also squeak more on hard flooring. The Primos PSI is ~100 but compared to the Marathons ~145 they feel about the same hardness if I do a depression on them. I probably add air to both Primos and Marathons in very similar intervals (~month).

    I rolled over a thumbtack at work and the Marathon went flat in seconds. Had that been a Primo, same result.

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    I tried the Sentinel a year or two back, I had a thread on it. I didn't like them as they didn't roll nearly as well MP's, as you can't inflate them to as high a PSI as the Marathon's; I also didn't like the shorter sidewall, where it caused me to sit slightly lower in the rear, which was uncomfortable, for me, I am senistive to that.
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    WOW I bet I could run a lot of peoples used tires and maybe get more miles/time out of them than they did. First off I am cheap and run the Schwalbe Marathon Original GreenGuard Rigid MTB City Tyre, which I am sure is a bicycle tire, till the green guard shows through all the way around the tires as you can see here I mean when I hear someone say a set of Marathons last them a year or less I am thinking they just are not as cheap as me or maybe they just have better sense than me. No, really I run tires as long as I do because I have just found over the years that they would last a lot longer than you might think, and I just decided one day to see how many miles I could get out of the different tires. That and like I said I am cheap and I carry everything I need to repair a flat with me and also most of the time a spare tube. As far as the Primo Sentinel's I have not tried them yet but will give them a look see and if I do well let you know what kind of service I get out of them

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    I doubt you'll get very many more miles out of these. I'm also cheap lol I'd be happy to send them to you though.
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    One more now that I finally learned how to post pictures.
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    Looks like you have toe-out on your chair. If so, that's why they're wearing out so fast. There are milled ends on your axle tube; unless the chair is old before they did it.. They should be 90o to the floor. Use either a square to check or if you have one, a toe-in/out gauge. Even 0o camber will wear quicker if the alignment is not right.

    If you don't have a square or gauge; measure up 12"(i think it is) then measure the distance between the wheels at the rear; then do the same for the front. Should be no more than a 1/4" difference, preferably less.

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