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Thread: Freedom-2-Roll: The Evolution of Accessibility in America

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    Freedom-2-Roll: The Evolution of Accessibility in America

    Does anyone know anything about this or the people doing it? There is a good bit about it at Cure Medical and the second link is a Kickstarter campaign

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    No .. thanks for sharing though!
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    Many people are reluctant to click on a link not knowing what it is. This is a Kickstarter site for a film production (I would also recommend making the title more clear for the first post).

    Freedom-2-Roll: The Evolution of Accessibility in America

    A documentary on the ongoing struggle for disability rights in America, told through the life of Joe Martinez, 40 years a quadriplegic.

    They need to get funding for post-production costs of $35,000 by December 20...only a week away.

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