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Thread: new chair

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    new chair

    I read your all post I feel so stupid about all of it

    I have had this chair 5 years tilite replaced my orginal when frame cracked from orginal cad from 2001. it work good replace cushion j2 about 8 time same back it could be replaced its got a few holes in it

    frog legs been replace earlier

    so when do u know its time

    it rolls good unless I am worn out then its,,,,

    I don/t see anthing wrong with my chair I need brakes tighten but that's all the time

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    If it fits well, serves your wants and needs well, remains comfy, and is not always needing repair (and parts are available if it does), I see no need to get a new one.
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    same here the only reason why i am going for 1 is i now need a rigid back and have to go for another eval anyway so it has been suggested we go for a whole chair
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