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Thread: How often do you really relieve pressure?

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    How often do you really relieve pressure?

    How often do you really believe pressure? Or, do you relieve pressure at all? Thank you.

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    T12 para; 12 years post; probably not often enough. A couple times an hour, maybe. Sometimes more if I?m uncomfortable (happens frequently with back and leg pain) which tends to inspire me to squirm around more often.

    I have a fairly easy pressure relief, that lifts my ischials and trochanters completely, by simply leaning forward and resting my elbows on my knees. I push down on my knees at the same time stretching my Achilles (to help minimize more drop foot). When I?m in bed I try to roll over every couple hours; right side, back, left side, right side, etc, etc.
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    T6 complete, 39 years post; rather like Oddity and don't purposely do it but am constantly fidgeting and often plant my bum at the front of the wc cushion and lean back just to try and get some comfort. At night I turn more than twice but now that's just habit.

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    I sat on a pressure mapping pad with software to display the pressure spots on a screen. I noticed that leaning forward is almost as good lifting up. Shifting side to side also relieves pressure but not as good as leaning forward. Therefore, as you are pushing your wheelchair you are relieving pressure as long as you are leaning forward when pushing. When I am sitting still at a computer, I place my elbows on the table and rock the wheels so that I lean forward and backward to simulate the same motion as if I were pushing my wheelchair. I almost never do pressure reliefs perse.

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    C4 50+years...I use my tilt at least hourly. Watching TV I do it every commercial break. I usually tilt when on the phone. When working at my desk, I put my elbows on the armrests my hands under the desk surface. By flexing biceps, I can lean forward and then pushing down from my shoulders, I can get pretty good pressure relief. This last procedure left me with considerable shoulder pain and that was why I have ended up with a power chair with tilt.

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    I simply cannot relieve pressure every 15 minutes for 15 seconds as prescribed by healthcare professionals. Like a couple of folks here I have also discovered when I lean forward with my elbows on my knees it completely takes the pressure off of my "ischskies". Sometimes I will lift up to get my butt off the cushion by placing my hands on the wheel and lifting up but it really kills my hands, wrists and elbows. On a good day, I will relieve pressure hourly but obviously I should do it more often.

    I am fortunate enough to have found I can sleep on my back throughout the night (10 hours) without getting any pink or red spots on my tailbone or hips or anything.

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    my goal is 1 minute every 30 minutes, but most of the time it's more like 1 1/2 - 2 minutes ever 35-45 minutes
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    I use a powerchair just about all the time; it's no problem for me because it's just easy to shift around with minimal effort. Not so when I'm in my manual, especially since there's no armrests. As for sleeping, I use a hospital type bed with rails that I can hook and turn whatever way I want, but I spend most of the night on my left side. If I'm uncomfortable I can easily shift to my back or other side.

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    T12 L1 para since '83. I used to have a timer set for 20 minutes and do a pushup for almost a minute. I was sitting on a ROHO. Ended up needing a flap 20 years post injury. Now I am on a meridian wave that gets replaced yearly as the foam starts breaking down. I get pressure mapped yearly as well. Leaning forward actually provides (me at least) better relief as I can do longer and\or more often while at work but I don't time it. I am uncomfortable enough all the time that I change position and move around a lot. The real help is being out of the chair 10 straight hours damn near every day. Bottom line is you need to find something that works for you.

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    C7, 7 years. Almost never. I fidget quite a bit for back comfort, but rarely do anything similar to what I was taught.

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