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Thread: Need new folding chair

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    Need new folding chair

    I am in need of a new folding chair. Does TiLite make a good folding chair or is there another wheelchair that is better?

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    I think the Ti Lite Aero X is the best chair they have on the market now. I have heard food reviews on it from my customers. Good luck with your search.

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    Motion Composites builds a carbon fiber folder called a "veloce". It is a really nice, light chair that responds almost like a rigid. I don't know if they are available via a vendor in your area or not but they are great folks and will help you out/ answer questions you might have.

    Ti-Lite will be a solid choice as well.

    Good luck!

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    A lot also depends on how much you want to spend and also weigh. Ti lite currently offers two folding chairs the Aero x is aluminum most affordable. The 2 Gx is the titanium lighter but more expensive.

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    the motion concepts folder is sweet, good feedback thus far too. but tilite is solid as well. rep
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    Strangely enough the Ti 2 gx is heavier than the Aero X. I have the 2gx and a friend has the Aero X. If I had it to do over, I'd get the Aero.

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