I was just wondering how everybody handles caregivers that don?t show up or cancel on short notice. I currently live with my mom so it?s not that big of an issue for me but recently my evening caregiver requested a weeklong vacation with two or three days of notice and my morning caregiver has called in sick for two days in a row.

I have requested that they notify me at least two weeks in advance so I can make arrangements but they just don?t seem to do it. How do you handle these things? I?m curious because in the future I will be moving out on my own.

I have considered options like an agency for CNAs but i?m not sure how to make connections with caregivers near me for emergencies. An example would be just someone not showing up or even my current caregiver being injured on the job. Do you have a list of people that you just call for short notice help? How much do you pay them? How did you get to know these people?