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Thread: Kenguru, New Electric Car for People in Wheelchairs

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    They advertise as 'deploy the ramp with the push of one button' so I imagine they are automatic? Not sure if remote or what.
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    Was totally disappointed when we visited a local dealership that had one on display. The ramp was deployed by a button located within the inside of the door. No way one could reach it independently to retract ramp. Even if there were remote controls there's still the issue of getting up a steep, long ramp.
    In short, it's a Transport Van.
    I don't know if things have changed as this was about 3 years ago.

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    I understood that the MV1 was made in Canada, only because a Canadian car show that I watch did a segment on the vehicle several years ago. The consensus of the auto journalist was that while they applauded the concept and effort for this purpose built vehicle, the execution was disappointing. If I recall it was heavy, loud, didn't drive particularly well, materials and assembly were sub-par, high cost for what you got, etc... Essentially, if you were simply looking to get from point A to B and needed to transport some one in a wheelchair this might be a good option for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeP2013 View Post
    Seen 2 of the MV-1s even in our rural Oklahoma area. Both, on different times, was at doctor clinics here. Never got to speak with folks in them. One saw them loading ramp manually. It looked like that was what the gentleman was doing after pushing elderly gentleman up it. Is ramp a manual fold-up? Do they come with a powered ramp?
    According to the website, the basic model (SE) comes only with a manual ramp, while the DX and LX models come with a power ramp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NW-Will View Post
    Most successful model was in the UK.

    Regarding the MV1, that thing is pretty much a taxi, or at least that is all it is used for in the Chicago area. Lots of them.

    I recall someone posted here years ago that they ran into some sort of marketing person for the MV1 and talked with him. Apparently the marketing person was rather perplexed that someone in a wheelchair would actually be driving. Gives you an idea of where this vehicle is coming from...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    Anyone here use the MV-1? If so, how do you like it?
    I have ridden in them a lot they are used in Las Vegas Dial a Ride. I think they are very awkward. The ramps are way to long and when you ride as a passenger you don't sit close to the front dash like a standard van you sit back a few feet.

    Lots of wasted room inside. Back seat is way to far back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    According to the website, the basic model (SE) comes only with a manual ramp, while the DX and LX models come with a power ramp.

    "Thank you!" Just curious since it looked like alot work on the gentleman that was loading the ramp, guess due to lenght/weight.

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    ha ha , cute, for a time there were a lot of those reliants on the road, completely unrelated to the invacar though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post

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