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Thread: 38 years, turning 60 and thinking a lot

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    how are you able to go into the woods and hunt?? Recently, I've been thinking about self defense and the possibility of using a fire arm.
    Really pretty easy. I hunt alone a lot of the time. Drive my van to the property, park, get out, open the back doors of the van, put my gun rest into place, then firearm, roll to the woods in my Permobil C500 and hunt. If I kill something, I'll call a friend. Here's a quick video.
    "It is every man's obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it. Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value." - Albert Einstein

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    I think I will be happy when I hit my 60's... I get to be grumpy (er) without as many repercussions as I currently get. LOL

    Little tidbits like this can be so valuable for us middle aged folks to reflect upon.


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    Your story did me a lot of good, Reader. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. My injury was almost four years ago. There was the plaster body cast first, then the stiff, lighter-weight brace with velcro adjustments on the sides. They held me upright despite my T9 incomplete broken back, they are relics in a back bedroom. After my injury, I couldn't turn myself in bed because it put too much tork on the broken spot. Now I turn myself and change my own diapers. The car that hit me (I was a pedestrian) took off my left leg. The one leg I had left would jump off the foot rest of the wheelchair and drag the ground. I was clueless as to how to pick it up and put it back on the foot rest. For a year, I would ask any two-legged human who I could flag down to please put my foot back up on the foot rest. Once, even another paralyzed person in a wheelchair managed to do it for me! Finally, in a flash of brilliance, I realzed that, working with my spasticity, I could use my left hand to pull on that right leg, causing the leg to go straight and pop up, and that, while stiff, I could then manipulate it back over onto the foot rest. That was a big improvement in my self-sufficiency. I tie my wheelchair to the bed frame in two spots before I transfer. To get out of the wheelchair and into bed, I fall backward onto my bed, reach above my head, grab the rail on the far side of the bed, and pull myself further onto the bed. I don't use my sliding board because I feel insecure using it. I'm proud of my progress. The accumulation of these accomplishments have allowed me to move back into my own home with only part-time help. I love the quiet of my home and my independence. I hated living in hospitals and nursing homes. I hope that the "inventors" and "manufacturers" out there will focus on creating the equipment that people with impaired mobility need in order to acheive their maximum independence.
    Female, T9 incomplete

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