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How much TiLite adds or doesn't add to a chair seems like it has been a moving target through the years and it seems I recall that it can depend on chair design as well. To be safe, if you know exactly what you want, you can specify on your order that you want the bend to start at an exact point. It would seem that if one selects say, 1.5" that is what you would get, but you are not guaranteed; I was a stickler on this with my current chair and had a second CAD drawn and I made clear exactly where I wanted the bend to start after the seat.

A single-amp buddy of mine did the same thing, insisted on his design. He ended up with a rolling endo machine! Fell flat on his face so many times! He eventually pulled the elastomers out of his Froglets and filled the space with washers! Still flipped all the time. His nickname on the ball team ?Endoman?.

FYI They'll add length for Froglegs, also, iirc.

Seems like they have a stability target that they aim for regardless of the spec. If the spec works, great, but it really does seem as though they will tweak it for stability (safety).