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Thread: Shoulder pain meds

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    Shoulder pain meds

    Recently decided I was ready to see doctor for constant shoulder pain; was starting to use ZX1 in home due to constant pain in left shoulder especially when pushing my manual chair.
    Decided to see an osteopath this time, at same place as my MD.
    The DO said I was "undermedicating" myself and prescribed a gel, Diclofenac 2x per day, then rotating Advil 200mg and Tylenol 500 during the day (each one once a day) to avoid build up of them (re warnings about liver and kidneys).

    So, morning I apply the gel and take an Advil (has always been my go-to medication for pain), then about 8 hours later apply gel again and take a Tylenol.
    Every morning I apply an ice bag to my left shoulder after getting up. Use it for about 10 minutes, then a little later 10 more minutes.
    Before I get out of bed each morning I do "range of motion" with my right arm grasping my left arm, trying not to flex any muscles on left while doing this.

    Thus far I'm one week into the medication and I'm about 80% pain free. Doc says to keep this up for several weeks - 6 or 7, then consider Physical Therapy. Also I'm having a shoulder xray this coming week. For the time being my crankiness is going away! Doc feels I will function better in about 3 months.
    I am not a candidate for surgery. Post Polio paralysis with oxygen 24/7, but still active. Hope to be driving again soon - hand controls are on the left in my van and I didn't want to make things worse.

    Interested to hear if anyone has used this type of prescription gel and results.

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    Anyone have comments about non-surgical treatment for shoulder pain? Mine is caused by arthritis and a couple of bone spurs, per xray.

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    I have used diclofenac for local inflammation in my left shoulder and both thumbs. It’s been a good tool for transitioning from in pain and avoiding use to getting out of pain, doing PT and then getting off the diclofenac.

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    Thanks! Doc has said to use this plan for 6 to 8 weeks, but light PT can start. I'm hoping shoulder will improve but thinking at least a couple of months.
    Meanwhile trying to re-configure all my ADL transfers.

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