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Thread: Who Wears Underwear?

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    quit since I was a teenager they rode up in butt when I was riding horse so 13 14 now 67 still don/t

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    I wear what I was dropped down to Earth with.

    "We must overcome difficulties rather than being overcome by difficulties."

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    Interesting, it seems the majority of us forgo the unmentionables. I guess I will add my two cents in.

    I wear a pair of boxer brief type joints. As a child of the 80s my pants were always sagging when I was an AB, and as a 6' tall guy with a 30 inch waist who's always sitting down I can never find pants that are actually long enough, so I continue to sag to a certain degree, even in a (relatively) professional setting. Gotta wear something underneath or I might get arrested for indecent exposure when I'm transferring in and out of the car... no body wants to see that.

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    Yeah I wear boxer briefs

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    Commando here for 27 years!

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    Just bought a pair of Glidewear underwear. I have an area prone to shearing and I'm tired of sitting on my junk! They work as designed!!

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    Boxer briefs here. Need something to hold my Mantex (or would that be Manpon?) in place for the occasional drips. Just use a Betty hook to get everything out of the way when cathing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post
    Uhh, yes. Need something to hold my junk in
    Exactly. I am entering the age range where I have to consider sitting on my balls. Besides, how about sweat? Would you rather get one wear and then wash your jeans or would you rather get several wears before washing? Underwear is the answer. I go with mid rise boxers that hug my thighs. That way they don't bunch and I don't sit on the seams. Calvin Klein boxers at Costco fit well. They have just the right elasticity so the band stays in place without folding and rolling. The bottom parts is also just the right elasticity to hug my thighs mid way down and stay in place too. They are good quality at a reasonable price. I stay away from briefs. The seam directly on the butt is a concern.
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