I've been experiencing this issue for the last 2+ weeks. I am frustrated and concerned.
In my 12 yrs as a quad (c5-c6) I have never had an issue with swallowing, except initially when I had my trach removed.

This began early november as a one-off occurrence. My swallow reflex failed to trigger halfway through eating a bowl of soup.
It panicked me, though I didn't choke. I was eventually able to swallow and the rest of the soup was fine.

10 days later it happened again, and more frequently. To a point where I couldn't trust that my swallow would engage when I work the food to the back of my throat. I have not eaten in two weeks.
It feels as if I've forgotten how to swallow and properly maneuver food in my mouth.

The first week liquids had become a problem, too. Even saliva in my mouth I felt I could not swallow and was forced to spit out. I think fear has played a big part now.

I went to ER twice, had neck/chest x-ray, saw 2 speech pathologists who could not determine anything visually, had barium swallow test (with thick liquid only, and was 'okay'), saw a gastro doc who requested head CT scan (came back negative).

I have another barium swallow test on tues (this time with food), and an MRI on friday.

As I said I am very concerned as it has not gotten better, and I still have no answers.

Gastro doc says a scope may be necessary, though I'm trying to exhaust all options before that.

Anyone experience this or something similar?