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Thread: Apple Watch 3 owners

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    Apple Watch 3 owners

    Anyone own an Apple Watch 3? Rather then wearing it as a watch, I've thought about just using velcro and sticking the watch (w/o the straps) to my controller, and when out at meetings for work, leaving my personal iphone at home. Currently I use a tray, or the Permobil phone holder, to hold my phone, but when working, I also have a work cell, so carrying both on my tray begins to take up space (not to mention looking like a mobile store, esp. when also carrying my ipad!).

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    I don't have the 3, I have the 2 series. The battery only last up to an hour for phone calls(3series). I don't know how much you use it for talking, but if your going to be looking at it frequently with calls, it may not have enough battery life for your needs.

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    My wife has the latest model and loves it. Haven't heard any complaints about battery life. Only comment was the volume is nt that loud but not a complaint

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