Ive been suffering from a serious chronic urinary tract infection for a long time , more frequently the past few months.
The infection is mostly E coli but has even changed sometimes.
I havent done any rehabilitation. Already waiting to be called from Santa Corona Pietra Ligure in Italy but the last times Ive been cured in hospitals unsuccesfuly because 1 week after using antibiotics prescript-ed by them the infection returns.
Last infection I took a therapy of Ciproflaxin 500mg 2 times a day for 12 days , 3 days later I dealt with urine loss and fever so was forced to take Augmentin times a day for 6 days 125mg.
Im feeling a little better now even though i still have terrible pain but at least I can hold more than 300ml up to 450ml safely.

Doctors say that this is all because i have a neurogenic bladder which leads to using a lot of intermittent cathing which leads to infections.
Im about to finish my cure which i dont believe will be succesful.
Do you guys have any idea how I can be cured...or some kind of solution...

Additional information :
Im t9 paraplegic
I take oxybutinine 5mg 3xday
3 years post accident