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Thread: green tea drinkers

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    Thank you.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I am going to try a jasmine green first. Then, maybe the spearmint green. My regular tea favorite is the orange pekoe from Ceylon.
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    I'm a former coffee drinker and man do I miss it, but it makes my bladder go nuts and decaf just isn't the same. I drink black and green tea every day. I've been making Yorkshire red and drinking it with milk, and while I'm waiting, I make myself some matcha tea. Yorkshire red is a blend and its really good with milk, but I also really like black tea from Yunnan. Also drink rooibos too on occasion.

    Yorkshire red, I got off of amazon. 30 bucks for 600 tea bags. Last a little under a year with me making 2 cups a day.

    Yunnan black tea and others. Yunnan is very distinct. Also try some pu-erh tea, it looks like coffee, but its not universally liked for taste.

    All my green teas loose and matcha I get from love, their different senchas, and hojicha is really good too.

    For rooibos and some herbal teas I do their Yunnan jig is pretty good too.

    Id invest into a electric water heater. That way you don't have to wait for water to boil its ready for you on demand.

    You got some options when it comes to teas ! haha.

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    Also a former cofffe drinker. Been suffering from a neurogenic bladder and crazy bladder spasms , leakage and pain.
    Yesterday i saw this thread so im switching from strong coffee twice a day to green tea.
    Still not sure if the green tea caffeine will be bad for me but hoping its a healthy beverage to take coffes place in the morning

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    I go between "Barry's" Irish back tea and decent quality coffee. I rarely have more than 2 cups a day... more when I was younger.

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    Y?all inspired me to go on a tasting trip this holiday season. I found some organically grown teas at the nearby Whole Foods. They have a selection from the Allegro Coffee Co., which is located in CO.
    I brought home a box of Tropical White tea, One of Ginger Peach Black tea and one of Jasmine Green. As soon as I opened the foil-lined packet of the white tea the tropical fruit fragrance got my attention. It is a very pleasant drink. Much the same with the Ginger Peach. My wife smelled it in the adjacent room where she was sitting. Anyone who likes peaches will likely enjoy this. Then came the downer. The Jasmine did not seem to be much different from the plain green tea that I had been drinking. I was looking forward to something special. Yellow jasmine is the SC state flower and I have several clusters growing around my back yard. I am very familiar with its pleasant fragrance. I guess I will try another brand before I write it off.
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    Does green tea have medicinal properties?

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