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Thread: First head transplant in Dec-2017: future cure=transplanted head on cloned body?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GRAMMY View Post
    Every brain dead person should have that on their bucket list.
    And a weekend at Bernie’s!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nrf View Post
    And a weekend at Bernie’s!
    A star is born!

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    i am not sure that this thread is even worthy of being kept alive in this forum so pardon me but I thought this was a good take on it
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    "May never be" seems a bit strong. Science and technology seem to be ever forward marching (economic and political conditions permitting).

    In my mind it would have to be a very dystopian future where we couldn't EVENTUALLY transplant a head. I mean I think we will be able to build a human from scratch out of nonbiologic materials before that will happen and I think it may always be cost prohibitive, but I'd hope that one day thousands of years from now humans are still around and doing okay and capable of this (even though the advance of science will likely render it irrelevant, why not fix the body or grow a new one rather than use some dead... or why let someone die just so you can use their body to transplant onto someone elses head).

    I certainly don't think it will be anything feasible in the next 500 years or so, though.

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