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Thread: Look at this 'chair!

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    Look at this 'chair!

    These two photos pop up on my Facebook timeline. What a hot rod of a 'chair. At the moment I don't know who makes it or if it made of aluminum, stainless steel or titanium.


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    Yepper, sure is sharp but it's an indoor use only. My guess is aluminum, the wheels and fender/back plate are, for sure. I'd swap sides with the wheels, looks backwards to me.

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    Indoor use only!?!? Why is that? Looks nearly identical to my chair I use everyday everywhere, in general form and design. Looks like most modern chairs I see most people using everywhere too, but with subtle (and interesting) design enhancements.
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    That bucket looks pretty cool but I bet it would be even "cooler" to use in the winters up here in the great white north (Canada for you non-hosers) also, I like having my back fold down for loading and unloading my chair into my car. Also, I had a set of billet rear wheels and they aren't super practical (much heavier), personally speaking, i prefer my Spinergy's. But that chair is nice to look at for sure.

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    That looks like it might be a zebra chair. Made by Corbin Beu in Phoenix para old friend of mine. I can check if you want me to.

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    To my eye, it is reminiscent of a chariot and is quite an appealing design. That aluminium checker plate is definitely bad taste in my book.
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    Made from aluminum and titanium.

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