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Thread: When to replace chair?

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    Question When to replace chair?

    My current chair [Pride Q6 Edge with tilt] is just over 5 years old. I have been in the habit of waiting until a chair starts exhibiting problems before thinking about a replacement. This strategy has left me with intervals before the new chair comes in and gets debugged without a reliable chair. Is there such a thing as a rule of thumb about how frequently to replace a chair?
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    I've been told Medicare and most health insurance companies will replace a chair after 5 years.

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    Medicare will replace your power wheelchair every 5 years. You must have an order from your doctor detailing your level of injury and needs before you see a physical or occupational therapist. The therapist will do an evaluation of your level of function and your needs. Usually at that evaluation, the therapist will invite a durable medical equipment dealer to demonstrate a few chairs that meet your requirements. That whole process, depending how long it takes to get an appointment (in my area, you may wait 6 months just for the evaluation appointment) can take a while before you actually get down to specifying the chair with the supplier. Then there is the Medicare approval time. And finally, there is the time it takes to get the chair delivered and as you say, debugged.

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    Never roll the dice with taking things down to the wire if you don't have a backup chair. If you only have one chair and you wait until it's too late you could really be in a jam, given that it could take many months from the time you start the process until the time taken delivery. You do not want to be making decisions about a new chair under duress or in a hurry.

    So best start the process while you chair is still dependable.

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