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Thread: Recommendations for Power Assist wheels

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    Recommendations for Power Assist wheels

    Quick Bio

    Age: 61
    Injury: C-6 complete from diving accident in 1976...41 years post
    Health: Good

    Hello All,

    Due to age I want to buy a pair of power assist wheels. Does anybody have a recommendation of the latest and greatest that is currently on the market. These wheels appear to run around $5000 a pair and up, so I want to make an informed decision before buying. Thanks.


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    I've been using the M-15 E-motion power assist wheels for almost 9 years now. I find them to do the job for me.
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    look at alber twion heres a good review from fellow quad rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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    Are you also considering a system like the Smart Drive? A lot of people at your injury level that I know love theirs:

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    I am impressed with all of the power assists. To better answer your question we need to know what you want and need to accomplish. You said "power assist wheels". But is this mainly for indoor or outdoor, and how often would you need to transfer everything into a vehicle? Or maybe you have a ramp or lift. And how much off road and off hard surfaces are you thinking? It just helps to know.

    At any rate, E-motions are popular removable hub motors. I've tried them at an Expo and liked them, but not as much as I did the more complete Tailwind chair. It and the ZX-1 however are not what you asked about. Check E-motions weight if you plan to load them in your car.

    Quickie Extenders are similar to E-motions, but they have an external battery pack which I think is bulky.

    The SmartDrive is fantastic, but very different as it is an add-on, has no reverse. However it is fantastically light weight and *very* portable. It is fairly simple to grab and go.

    Incidentally if you are paying out of pocket, there is/was an M15 and a SmartDrive in the "Equipment & Services" section.
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    as a c5-6 quad 30yrs post, I like "power on demand". for this the zx-1 fit the bill. the sd is great but just not the greatest for quads. why? braking and sloped sidewalks really created issues for me with it. imo it is perfect for paras.
    transporting the zx is the biggest issue I hear from ppl, I have a full size van, so not an issue for me. I leave it in the van a lot actually.

    I like to push so I'm not ready for albers yet, but when I need more than just "power on demand" those will be my pick. rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
    sponsored handcycle racer

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