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Thread: Remembering Rybread

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    Remembering Rybread

    Just heard that Rybread passed away last week. It was noted in a post he made about his adventures this Summer, which I had already read, and I didn't see that comments were made about it later in that post. My husband spotted it and let me know this morning. Just wanted to start a new thread in memory of a fellow I came to greatly admire here on the CareCure Community as there may be others who didn't see the news.

    Rybread was always one of my favorites on this site. A person who had so little going for him physically, his spirits and zest for life were boundless. Every time I read something by him I wanted to mentally kick myself for whining about some stupid inconvenience, a nagging pain, a sore butt, a hassle rounding up a helper, etc., etc. He was so positive about what he DID have: a love for life and determination to get out of it whatever he could.
    I loved that he showed underlying respect for caregivers, even when snafus occurred. Some of those made life difficult, but he 'got over it'.

    This was a man. A man who exemplified why CareCure exists, perhaps. It's a place where one can go to share the ups and downs with others who really know what you're talking about. One often can leave the site with a sense of satisfaction of membership in a community of those who understand. In addition, there's guidance as to so many day to day issues, equipment, etc.

    I will think of Rybread as a hero who showed us it's possible to have fun in the midst of pain and chaos. Thank you, buddy.

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    He was a very upbeat and positive individual and I will miss reading his post. RIP Rybread.

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    triumph, thank you so much for starting this thread, as I wasn't following the other one and had no idea. This is so sad. Rybread was someone I really liked and admired.
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    You get to know someone at least on a certain level even though you never meet them and have very little direct conversation with them. To the degree that I was able to know him I was impressed with him and I believe would have enjoyed knowing him better and in person. He will be missed here no doubt.

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    Ryan was on my facebook and we used to play a game together years ago. I'm still so sorry that he passed. I felt a bond with him because we both suffered pressure sores.

    If life was fair, Ryan would still be alive enjoying all of his newfound activities.

    I hope his death was not due to medical malpractice.
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    His struggles with pressure sores (injuries) seemed epic at times. So much trouble, so much bed rest, so many new sores or recurrences.

    Find peace ry.
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    [QUOTE... I hope his death was not due to medical malpractice.[/QUOTE]
    It's haunting.
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    Tho i'm relatively new here, and while I did not know Rybread personally, I always followed his posts. I knew some of the rec therapists he mentioned, and the different recreation programs he participated in, being from Phoenix. His posts about his ups and downs made me sad for him when he struggled, and happy for him when he was able to enjoy himself doing adaptive recreation activities.

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    Thanks everyone for letting me know. I no he had a lot of pressure sore problems. What ever happened he is free now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nonoise View Post
    [QUOTE... I hope his death was not due to medical malpractice.
    It's haunting.[/QUOTE]

    It really is.

    I think he had a seizure after a baclofen pump adjustment and died, if what I read elsewhere is true.

    Don?t know if the adjustments and the seizure were related but it is a risk of changes to baclofen amounts, I believe. Stroke also IIRC.
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