Just heard that Rybread passed away last week. It was noted in a post he made about his adventures this Summer, which I had already read, and I didn't see that comments were made about it later in that post. My husband spotted it and let me know this morning. Just wanted to start a new thread in memory of a fellow I came to greatly admire here on the CareCure Community as there may be others who didn't see the news.

Rybread was always one of my favorites on this site. A person who had so little going for him physically, his spirits and zest for life were boundless. Every time I read something by him I wanted to mentally kick myself for whining about some stupid inconvenience, a nagging pain, a sore butt, a hassle rounding up a helper, etc., etc. He was so positive about what he DID have: a love for life and determination to get out of it whatever he could.
I loved that he showed underlying respect for caregivers, even when snafus occurred. Some of those made life difficult, but he 'got over it'.

This was a man. A man who exemplified why CareCure exists, perhaps. It's a place where one can go to share the ups and downs with others who really know what you're talking about. One often can leave the site with a sense of satisfaction of membership in a community of those who understand. In addition, there's guidance as to so many day to day issues, equipment, etc.

I will think of Rybread as a hero who showed us it's possible to have fun in the midst of pain and chaos. Thank you, buddy.