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Thread: Roho pressure gauge

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    Roho pressure gauge

    After a lot of trial and error I've finally got a reliable digital gauge for the Roho. Luckily I've been able to use quirks like the Roho pump leaking air to get the working version. Gauge is velcro'd onto the pump and a screw shut off valve used to isolate the gauge from the leaky pump. Relatively easy to use although you have to have your chair at the same tilt every time you check and ideally push the cushion or move your bum to let the air settle. Initial setup needs to be done with a pressure map or someone who knows how to check manually. Procedure is simple once you get the reading you need. Switch gauge on with screw valve shut, place hose over valve, unscrew valve until gauge gives a reading, push on cushion, leave a few seconds to settle then read display. If within a small tolerance of the pressure map number close valve on cushion and remove hose.

    If too high, check again as it should not gain air, try and settle cushion watching the gauge to see how it changes. If too low open screw valve, pump up past the ideal pressure and watch the gauge, with screw valve open the air leak on the pump means pressure in the cushion reduces. Close screw valve when you are at the ideal pressure but check again by pushing and settling the cushion. Close cushion valve when happy it is right and remove hose.

    I haven't compared it with the smart Check cushion I have but initial results don't show the variance it has or mine has anyway, I'd stopped using it because it wasn't consistent.

    The pressure involved is tiny 4.4 micro pascals for me and it is affected him seating position and possibly temperature, we haven't been able to confirm this yet but it is a possibility.
    If you leave your pump connected whilst doing a setup you can see the pressure drop quite quickly so always have to close the cushion valve once set.

    I haven't decided what to do with the design yet might look for a commercial partner to take on manufacture and sales, once I make that decision I'll confirm it here. Please don't pm me for more details until I do decide, I'll be interested to see if there is interest in it. It is similar to the gauge that was available but with greater accuracy and ease of use.
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    I've always wanted a Roho pressure gauge, mostly because I'm an engineer, and fanatical about numbers. Right now, I just (not sitting on the cushion): 1) put my hand on the center of the cushion and press lightly and release to make sure it's not bowed up (too full) and 2) press hard and let go and make sure no bubbles stay flat (too low). I don't think the amount of air needs to be precise (at least for me, to have zero sitting pressure), but it would be nice to know a proper numerical range, e.g. so my nurse can inflate it properly without learning the fine art of hand calibration.

    Another great use of the pressure gauge would be to monitor the pressure when going up or down in elevation (happens a lot in the Colorado mountains, or when leaving Colorado). I've ruined Rohos by sitting on them while going over mountains or on an airplane (pressurized to 8000 feet).
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    Pressures involved are tiny, 4.5 micro pascals for me at 81kg, with no weight on cushion about 0.7 micro pascals. We think that it might be temperature sensitive with so small a pressure, need to check first thing in the morning then last thing at night after a full day of a warm bum on it.

    I'm hoping to be able to do some pressure mapping and see what the range of pressure is, waiting for my local wheelchair services to come back to me. I'd been trialling the smart Check for them, new cushion, gauge and it wasn't suitable for support workers as too inconsistent results, this gauge would cost about 15% of a smart Check cushion and no need for a new cushion with 2 valves.

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