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Thread: So I am patching my ROHO

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    I ageee they aren?t ideal for everyone. I?ve used them and Stimulite cushions off and on for the past 12 years and have come to accept certain compromises in exchange for certain benefits. Have yet to find ?The One Cushion to Rule Them All?!
    While it's true that every cushion has it's own pros and cons, the ROHO tends to fail much quicker than others. The bigger problem is that it doesn't fail gracefully. When it fails, you have a big problem on your hands that you have to address then and there - you're sitting on your upholstery because the cushion went flat. Do you really want this liability, especially when you are traveling or for work? I like the cushion. But it's too problematic for me. Fortunately it never failed during traveling. If it did I would have been royally screwed. It did fail at work and I had to take the day off just to fix my cushion. I never used it as my primary cushion after then. If others have had better luck, good for them. But that doesn't change the fact that an inflatable cushion is inherently unreliable. I was hoping the cover could be changed to make it more reliable. But if not, then what?
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