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Thread: Femur Break in para

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    I’d be pretty freaked out if my leg was flopping in weird places like that. That’s not good.

    My femur was put back together (rod & screws) by an orthopedic surgeon. We’re now working on followup DEXAs to see how acute the bone loss is. My PCP found the surgeon and my physiatrist is dealing with the aftermath. I find physiatrist are pretty well connected and do a lot ongoing rehab stuff.

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    Which specialty in Ortho or Physiatry Dr should I ask for?? Obviously just any Ortho Dr doesn't have info or inclination to deal with SCI folk?

    As for Physiatrist, most around here seem to be Pain Management specialists which I don't really need.

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    Is there an SCI rehab anywhere near you? Because if so, I would call them and ask for suggestions in your area. If not, call the largest academic medical center in your vicinity and ask them. Also call a couple of physiatrists and ask them for an ortho/ortho surgeon suggestion. If you have a PT or OT that you like and/or trust, ask them - when I was in a very rural area after I was first hurt, the PT I worked with was the best judge of/guide to providers I have encountered to date.

    In my area physiatrists seem to juggle rehab and pain management and the practices are really upfront about what they specialize in, so you can always just ask.

    I live about 90 minutes from a big rehab and the medical community up here kicks everything they can think of (mammograms! colonoscopies! flu shot! BP meds! bariatric surgery!) down to the rehab, which is a rehab, not a primary care clinic and so they get very cranky. They are helpful and make suggestions but also sometimes (understandably) fed up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Susqu View Post
    Which specialty in Ortho or Physiatry Dr should I ask for?? Obviously just any Ortho Dr doesn't have info or inclination to deal with SCI folk?

    As for Physiatrist, most around here seem to be Pain Management specialists which I don't really need.
    I broke my femur several years back. I went to an orthopedic surgeon. Usually, larger Ortho practices have surgeons that specialize in different parts of the body. You probably want a long bone doctor ( femur is longest bone in the body)
    . I would suggest you work hard to get it healed the best you can. Some of that will depend on the break.

    I have found that my seating ( and related pain) have been significantly affected by fracture. At the same time, it was a messy fracture so I feel ortho did a good job.

    There's a lot of good advice in this thread imho , SCI 55 , SCI Nurse and more.

    Good luck and work hard to treat and heal the best you can. It will be worth it in the long run.

    eta:I started this post and when i posted above post had been added, agree with those suggestions for finding ortho.
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    Quote Originally Posted by annev308 View Post
    I broke my distal femur in a powerchair disaster this spring. I got extremely detailed instructions for care and follow up PT from the ortho, as well as scheduled X-rays to keep track of healing etc. things have gone very well, which I attribute at least partially to having and following those instructions. You need to reach out to your surgeon and find out what the heck.
    can you please share the details of your power chair accident? I myself have broken an ankle in a power chair accident and would like to know what happened to you so that I can be aware of that situation, as we all might be.

    Thank you.

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    Thanks for all the input everyone.
    My GP recommended someone in Delaware but didn't have great confidence that they would have the background that I needed, so I took some of your suggestions and contacted Univ of Md Rehab and Osteopathic Center. They advertise SCI specialties and Rehab.
    When I told them that the break was still not stabilized 12 days along and leg was swollen, they were able to schedule an appt 5 days from now with one of their Dr's. (still not sure what his specialization, but i figured just getting into the close system has to be better than what I've been doing)

    I'm looking forward to talking to someone who can speak with experience and knowledge of my unique (?) injury. Will let everyone know how this works out and whether it's worth the 3 hour journey to the center of Baltimore. (I'm not fond of driving in center cities.)

    Thx again for the input, I was at a total loss without it.

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    I'm a paragraph, and have fractured both femurs, a decade apart. Possibly because I've been SCI a long time, and have osteoporosis below my T5 level, orthopedic docs declined to use rods, etc both times. I still have an "unjoined" fracture in the most recent break, about 4 yes ago. I was hospitalized the second time, for at least a couple of weeks, monitored for dvt, etc, and the leg kept imobilized. You do need to watch out for contractures of the knee, but perhaps the rods will prevent that, not sure. I really don't have any lasting effects, aside from slight contractures in both knees. Best of luck and take to heart the excellent advice you've gotten here. Best thing you can do is become an expert on your SCI, and assume most general practitioners are not. Great u were able to get into a rehab specialty.

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    FYI, I'm not a paragraph. I'm a paraplegic. ��

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    I haven't broken my femur but I did break my hip in 2012 and when they xrayed thebreak less than 12 hours after they had screwed it back together the screws were already loose and backing out because of my osteoporosis, and that was only a year and 9 months after my sci. If you snapped your bone that easily I would be very concerned that any screws would work very well.

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    Your hip is part of your femur.

    The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.

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