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    Hey hope someone reads this! Gifted a pair of UGGs, knee length, w buttons, and can't get my dang feet in them far enough to get my heel in. Have any gals out there modified boots like these w a zipper, perhaps? These are "Bailly" style and un button down to instep. Any input welcome...I have high instep and big heel...the size is not an issue. Help???

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    Check with a shoe repairman.

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    Thanks gjnl. I may do that, but probably will just return. Had a para friend who had his cowboy boots modified w a zipper up the back but I have ballerina feet on paraplegic legs Its really hard to find shoes that I can get over my instep. Don't know if a zipper would solve the problem. But I'll keep lookin.

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    I had the same issue with UGG boots. They're surprisingly hard to get on and off. Maybe a different style? But I haven't found one that works.

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    A friend gave me a pair a few years back and I took them to a cobbler - I have wide flat feet with high insteps - and the cobbler basically cut them down the front almost all the way to the toes, made some excellent binding and a very lightweight chamois flap and put buttons and kind of loops on them so I could just pull the button over the loop. They are excellently warm and cozy. You need a really good cobbler who is used to your shoes and feet, I would think. I have tried to get another pair modified like that up where I live now and they kind of flinch and back away.

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    Give Bethany version Ugg a try.

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    I have several pair, try the shorter ones, much easier and be sure the thumb hole is on the back that's key to getting them on. rep
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    Thanks all for your advice! All good suggestions.

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