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Thread: I'm cold all the time

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    I'm cold all the time

    Does anyone else end up cold all the time? I'm not miserably cold but I always have this chill I can never really get rid of. If I go out and about I don't really notice it but if I am around the house it bugs me. I always have a sweatshirt on and my hood up haha. I was even wearing a hoodie all through the summer when I was inside. I'm just curious of some good ways of staying warmer other than just putting more clothes on.

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    ..same injury level as you (C7) and yes. Well not all the time. Similar to yourself - the more active I am at any given time the better it seems. I sometimes train 3-4 times a week for wheelchair rugby and find being active really helps. Up until a point. If I get run-down then the chills really get to me. For me it's not bladder-related. I usually get fever from slight/severe bladder infections, and that it rare.

    I think that being active, outdoors or among friends helps ignore the cold feeling. I'm not even convinced I am cold when I feel cold because no amount of heat or clothing seems to help. If it's bad enough, and I am home, I'll get in bed but resist the urge to pack on the extra blankets. They just make me too hot once my body is rested/warmed-up.

    also yes to the hoodies - my co-workers think I'm nuts with my hood up indoors sometimes. I hate when the chills hit at work, I sit behind a desk all day and am tempted to have a space heater for the summer when my co-workers think setting the air conditioning at 65 is the best thing ever... #quadlife

    My current solution is to have some thera-bands tied to my office chair and start pulling on them when I get that cold feeling. Good to exercise the rotator cuffs too.

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    5-6 quad here.when I get real cold hot shower is only way to get warm. was 46 and sunny today so I went out for a quick 7 mile ride, I'm still froze. heading to shower now. rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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    Yes I can relate to being cold all of the time. I am C6/7 complete. My hands always feel ice cold, and I wear a sweater most of the year. My feet are cold, although I can't feel them, I'm sure the nerve disconnect makes me feel a bit anxious. I wear wool socks and suede Uggs slippers lined with sheepskin. Certain fabrics seem to be more uncomfortable than others. For instance, I can tolerate an all cotton knit shirt, but if the knit is a blend of cotton and a synthetic, I feel like my skin is burning. I'm not crazy about wearing oxford cloth shirts. In fact most sport or dress shirts are down right uncomfortable without at least a light sweater. Underneath my shirts, I wear an undershirt and a short sleeve t-shirt, sometimes in winter, I go to a base layer, and am indoor all day. I never wear short sleeves, always long sleeve shirts. Problem is when I am exposed to 85? for more than half an hour, I have real problems handling the heat.

    In the winter, NL will pop my pajamas and my sheets, blankets and pillow in the dryer so they are warm when I get into bed. And a couple times a day, I fill a basin at the sink with hot water and soak my hands, which helps for a while. When I am cold, I have a more difficult time dealing with neurogenic pain.

    Here is a pretty good discussion about temperature regulation in spinal cord injured: http://www.spinalcordinjury-paralysi...ic/11775/54840

    Just as an is really irritating that vBulletin software does not recognize special characters like degree symbols. 70? comes out 70, with a question mark instead of a degree symbol.
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    I wear a hat pretty much all the time, starting in late October and lasting until probably April. Not having to work anymore makes that easier, though I was completely miserable being under an air-conditioning vent in my office.

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    This is a common problem for people with higher level spinal cord injuries. Bundling up good and avoiding getting chilled to start with will help some.

    Be very careful though with the application of any heating products to insensate parts of your body...this includes heating pads, electric blankets, heated car seats, hot packs, etc. and don't get to close to fireplaces, campfires, and car or space heaters. I have seen some horrendous burns! Just last year one of my clients wrapped a blanket around himself in his wheelchair and put a hair dryer on high on his lap under the blanket. He lost most of the skin on his scrotum and penis and had to have multiple plastic surgical procedures for these burns.

    Silk or polyprop long underwear can be helpful, esp. if you find wool uncomfortable. In bed, flannel sheets and down comforters will help. Wearing a hoody or stocking cap is a good way to prevent heat loss through your head.

    My mother, who had MS and this same problem, also loved this towel warmer we got for her, and would use it to warm her nightgown, lap robe, and even gloves before putting them on (in addition to warming towels for after bathing):

    The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.

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    cold also hit my left side about 2 months after the injury. I would put things on but then I would sweat. The only time you did not feel the cold is when you are doing exercise or moving and doing things. It was worse sitting down. Eventually it got better. I still feel it a little around my left arm but it is much much better than it was. It might be weakened or I got better or my body got used to it.

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    Mechanisms and Treatments of Hypothermia in Spinal Cord Injury

    For me I sleep with an electric blanket year round. First there is a cotton sheet then the electric blanket. Especially when my legs get cold like "popsicles" even on days like today when the temperature was 45 degrees outside. On days like today I wear a cotton short sleeve t-shirt with a Land's End long sleeve mock t-shirt on top.

    On cold winter days its the mock t-shirt with a flannel shirt.

    When I do get cold to warm up I just start to move around like doing house cleaning and I'll get warmed up. Or I have a cup or two of hot coffee.

    Here's and article written by Dr. Wise Young dealing with Mechanisms and Treatments of Hypothermia in Spinal Cord Injury - HYPOTHERMIA AND POIKILOTHERMIA IN SPINAL CORD INJURY.


    "We must overcome difficulties rather than being overcome by difficulties."

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    I used to be cold all of the time, but after my flap surgery in 2013, I'm not. It happened after another surgery in 2004, but it lasted less than a year.

    Currently, I'm cold about a third of the time. Usually when the weather changes and also when my bowels are in an uproar... for whatever reason.

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    I'm cold all the time, can go hypothermic in the house with heating on. It is the biggest problem I have preventing me going out most of the year. Spasms and allodynia are worse the colder I get. I look back at how I am dressed in photos over the last 4 years and realise I am getting worse with more and more clothing each year. Started looking at down jackets and talking to the makers they work on keeping body heat in, as a high quad I can't move anything to generate heat so it doesn't matter how good the jacket it won't work as intended. What was interesting is that synthetic down is better than real down when damp or compressed, we sit with our back against a rest compressing the jacket so it might be worth looking at synthetic with a waterproof outer layer. I'm also testing heated waistcoat but as explained above you have to be careful, tried to find one with no back pads, thought that I had but then had element shaped marks on my back. Back to the drawing board on that.

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