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Thread: had to get this out of my mind

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    LisakayMD your injury sounds alot like mine. i can walk with braces and crutches however it is more for excerise than functional. i too had a spinal stroke at the T6 level. i drive myself and take care of myself you definately need to start doing more on your own! where did you do rehab? any chance on maybe doing another inpatient stint to get your skills better? i have did 3 stints inpatient for about 2-3 weeks at a time as i was getting more function even 2 years after injury. i have been out of therapy for about 5 years now as insurance won't pay for it anymore.
    T6 Incomplete due to a Spinal cord infarction July 2009

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    Hey LisakayMD, the first couple of years are definitely the hardest. I remember feeling so hopeless and fearful of this new life. I was a week into my last semester of nursing school when I was injured in January 2012. I broke my neck at c6-c7. I was able to work with the college and go back the next fall and graduate May 2013. While I was happy I went back and finished I was unsure I would be able to find a job as a nurse and Quadriplegic with no work experience. Unable to find work right away as a nurse I got a job at a medical call center. Finally in the spring of 2016 I found a job as a nurse working with clients who have intellectual disabilities and/or mental illness. Just last week I accepted the Director of Nursing position at the company. A position I never dreamed I would be in a few short years ago. My bit of advice is to take things in small steps because this is a huge life changing event. And try not to beat yourself up when things are taking longer to happen then you’d like, i know i did. The biggest thing you can do for yourself right now is to get with vocational rehab to get an accessible vehicle. If they know you are interested in going back to work they will help pay for the accommodations to the vehicle. I’m sorry you are going through this just know you have a community of people here for you at CareCure

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    Don't know if Lisakaymd will post again, but just read these posts and wondering if member is on Medicare. If so, may qualify for a month of therapy consisting of PT and OT to work on goals leading to more independence. Also, what is hang-up on a better fitting wheelchair? It seems that help is needed and perhaps the PT can help with that too.
    The Medicare home program is short term for persons primarily home-based, except for medical or other emergency needs to travel from the home. Such a program could help someone with therapy that would enable them to become more independent. I am close to completing such a program as I needed strengthening program to improve transfers and manage painful shoulder. The company providing this is excellent.

    To start this service, I met with my doctor who provided a prescription for HOME PT & OT and I called a home care company that was recommended and they began with a full evaluation of me in my home, followed by visits from PT and OT 4 days a week.

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    I know exactly how you feel. Today, I have my normal continuous pain encircling me. But also my shoulders ache, my wrists are sore, my neck hurts and I have spasticity strong enough to throw me out of my wheelchair. Thank goodness for anti tippers. But today I wish that this would be over with. I'm so tired of this. If it were only the paralysis, it would be passable. You are not alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lisakaymd View Post
    I feel kind of lost. I don't know why. I don't know what to do about it.
    I feel like my life is on a stand still. I don't want to give up and I war with myself between hope vs. fear.

    Sometimes it can be exhausting to have people always trying to say positive things like "you're inspiring" "you're so strong" "life isn't over" "there are plenty of people that live a full life" yea. I get it but it can still be exhausting
    No truer words.....

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