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Thread: Problem with Permobil again

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    Problem with Permobil again

    Unfortunately, I don't appear to be having much luck with my Permobil corpus 500 this year. A few weeks ago the backrest bracket snapped and on Friday the wheelchair completely packed up.

    I'm wondering if anybody has had the same problem and if you can't offer any device? I did speak to Permobil and they did go through a checklist but couldn't fix the problem. It's looking like I might replace the joystick unit which is going to be pricey. Anyway, basically, you try and turn the chair on and nothing happens. We've checked the wiring as best we can but can't find any breaks. The problem happened when I got back from the shop. So whether I knocked the wheelchair whilst getting into the driver's position I really don't know.

    Anyway, any advice would be very much appreciated but it looks as though it's going to be an expensive fix.

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    I have a Permobil F3 with an aftermarket back (Invacare matrix elite deep) and had an issue with the back snapping out of the bracket on the chair. They said they did resolve it. I haven't had it since.

    Do you have an aftermarket back?

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    have you tried wheelchairdriver website/forum? One other source of help if you have a local Remap engineer is asking him to take a quick look. Total loss of power sounds like a relatively easy one to find. If it is joystick you don't have to fit Permobil you can use something like a Mo Vis and interface. I priced one for a chin control, Switch It (part of Permobil) wanted about ?2700 and Mo Viz was about ?1300 for joystick and interface.

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