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Thread: Another ending, another beginning

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    Another ending, another beginning

    No one should have to cook their own breakfast the morning after kidney surgery as their life partner sits back, watches, and offers nothing. The end of a 5-year relationship.

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    Well that’s kinda cruel.

    Good riddance to them.
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    Life sure is a series of beginning and ending, some are good and some bad. Most hurt for awhile until you re adjust and then hopefully a new life begins to evolve. In one way the action may be good since they forced you into the kitchen to cook again, but sucks since you expect a partner to be caring especially just after surgery. Wish you peace and happiness in the ending of the relationship.

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    Shheesh.... sucks that it's the speedbumps of life that shows the real colors of people. *hugs*.

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    August, was this just out of the blue or is it the final straw in a relationship that was crumbling already??

    In my experience, I was able to look back and see that there had been many warning signs before the final one that told me the relationship was over.

    It still sucks, but if this person was really as toxic as it appears they may have been, hopefully you will be able to get to the point where no longer having them in your life is a plus instead of something that makes you negatively value yourself and what you have to offer in a relationship. Hang in there. People here care about you.

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