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    Used Ford Van

    I sometimes look at the Sovereign Auto website as they have some reasonably priced classic cars. They also often have used wheelchair vans. I saw one today that might be a bargain. It is located at their Flushing Mi location. It is a 92 full sized Ford van with (I believe) around 75,000 miles. It has a platform lift, hand controls and 6 way power seat. There are many photos on the site ( Could be a bargain, selling for 8,500.00. Go to the complete inventory page and it's at the bottom of the Ford page. If you get interested you would probably want a mechanic or at least a shade tree mechanic assess it. When I was a rehab counselor we would pay nearby auto repair people to do vehicle inspections before we would get involved in a purchase.

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    I just bought a 2008 truck did that but I am sick they at mobility said some issues a little rust not tht bad a few other things bought it took to my shop that I use at home I am sick they have never seen so much rust I am ..

    don.t know what else I could have done

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    Sorry about your situation. We used to use standard forms which probably would have caused rust issues to be caught.

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    My first was a 91 Ford. It had 70,000 + miles. I put another 30,000. In 5 years. I had to have the AC rebuilt twice. It cost a bunch and I did find out it was normal for warm areas that don't need heat alot in winter. I had a man block me from a turn lane and it was totaled. My second was an 01 Ford that had 55,000 on it. I used to drive a lot, but 3 years ago I backed off a lot. I now have over 140,000 on it & using a synthetic oil. I still get over 4,000 per quart. I have had ONLY a bad fuel pump and 2 alternater's in over 85,000 miles. Yes it has been an outside vehicle it's whole life but I do not have a rust problem... I put wind blockers on the door windows so I can leave an inch to let heat out but no water in. I am happy and think I am going to keep it a while longer....

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