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Hi all,

I have always been scared of falling in my home and not being able to reach my phone to dial for help.

Google Home changed that. I can make phone calls by a voice command. No, it will not call the police, but it will call the people in your phone book. Odds are, one of them will pick up and be able to call for help for me.

The only downside is that the caller id shows up as "private caller".

Either way, I feel much safer in my apartment now.
The USA article is older and since Google has updated software.

Not sure what you're doing that is stopping you from calling 911? But I would call the Fire department 1st.

We have Google minis and it worked fine. We told the dispatcher we just wanted to test it. But the Fire department closest to your home would be the best contact if you fall or need help as they can respond faster and provide medical care if you needed it.

I would even go a step further and go to the FD and introduce yourself and tell them your concerns.

Our fire department even stops by and changes our batteries for free in our fire alarms.

We have minis in both our bathroom and bedroom. It also allows us to turn off lights, turn on heater, get news and play music with simple voice control and not need to yell.