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Thread: Why Don't We Have a Cure for Spinal Cord Injury? 2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fly_Pelican_Fly View Post
    re Dennis - he?s been injured as long as I have and has never taken an interest in the science or the commercial side of delivering technologies. He?s only interested in finding someone or something to agitate in order drive traffic to his blog. I don?t have the desire to enable him.
    For someone who doesnt want to engage with me, you're sure good at saying my name. I'll take the public insult as you wanting to engage again.
    How would I benefit from driving people to my blog? I don't make any money off it. It would be like me saying that the only reason you talk with scientists is to build your rehab business in the uk. It would be based on no fact whatsoever. So let's stick to facts and not muddy the water with innuendo.
    But if my goal were driving people to my blog, I should take more mainstream positions or try to get in the cdrf blog team. Or I would just try to raise money by keeping my head underwater or running a race. Not bad ventures and sure to get a lot more attention at the moment.
    I get enough public attention with my trade union work in Japan to please my ego. I don't need my blog for that.

    I've always taken interest in the the science, but as I've said over and over, I don't find myself highly competent so I rely on what I learn from others, including scientists, and community members. It's the same way as why I use a lawyer for things at work. I stick with my area of ability while cooperating with others.
    I make sure that when I write I supply people with links to the science instead of me trying to explain it myself. I find that those who wrote about science regularly are much better at explaining than me. It's called cooperating as a community (but more about that below)

    Commercialization? You're right. Reason: I don't see that it's brought us anywhere quickly. I think most scientists, just like other academics, would like to be left alone to research so they can make their contribution to the world. I think that commercialization is something scientists/we are forced to get involved with because of the way public funds are distributed. So, I find it much easier to try to set in motion away to get public funds delivered better. I haven't accomplished this yet but neither have you cured sci your way. I think I can help effect change in this area so that's what I concentrate on. Maybe I'll fail my way or you'll fail your way. But if one of us gets a cure either way, we'll both benefit.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fly_Pelican_Fly View Post
    PS this thread is titled "Why don't we have a Cure for Spinal Cord Injury". We do not have a cure as the research field doesn't know how to regenerate the adult human chronic spinal cord.
    Wow! That's the reason? It's a simple scientific issue? You're smarter than that.
    That's like saying that WWII didn't effect the making of the atom bomb. Or the cold war played no role in the moon landing. Even closer to our times, like the women's movement played no role on the development and proliferation of the pill and the aids movement had no place in hastening the discovery of life saving drugs. Even a lot of the research with cells is commercialized for profit; research that would t even happen if someone didn't have a reason to make it happen.
    You must have spoken to different people and scientists as I have. Whenever I've asked for what is stopping a cure, no one has ever said to me that it's only science. This is the first time I've ever heard that from anyone including yourself.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fly_Pelican_Fly View Post
    1) nobody is accountable for Cure as you cannot attach accountability to something that is undiscovered
    2) there is no SCI community and therefore cannot have a value attached to it.
    And finally we get your answer to your own question.
    1. Was this a trick question? Yes, you're right. There is no cure yet. The point is about the accountability for FINDING a cure. Whose is this?
    Id say it's the whole community of those researching a cure, those supporting a cure, and for those who would benefit from a cure.
    Which leads to point 2.
    2. You dont think there is an sci community? Then why are you on the site. Is it to "be educatin us simple folk"?
    Why be involved in u2fp as you have or even attend w2w?
    Those around you trying to achieve the same goal is what a community is, unless you believe that we're just individuals that use each other from time to time in order to meet our own individual goals?
    The whole history of scientific and human progress is about community. From the first people who hunted in groups and devised better weapons together, and the industrial revolution whose two communities of both capitalists and workers lead to great advancement in science. To the current world where even the choices we make at the Ballot Box affects science.

    If you think the only thing standing in the way of us standing is the lack of a scientific discovery in regeneration, then brother, you ain't half as clever as I've given you credit for.
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