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Thread: Why Don't We Have a Cure for Spinal Cord Injury? 2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    I've said for a long time that we should get away from the label of, "disabled," as it denotes forever.

    Spinal cord injured only. Words DO matter.
    As it stands right now the medical prognosis is permanent paralysis, ergo forever? Until death.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fly_Pelican_Fly View Post
    The clinical trial in Russia was halted to focus on moving the IP into Fortuna Fix and securing the investment needed to run a trial in the West. The next steps were in the news last week and posted on another thread.
    This is good news, I surmised it into “currently in an investment period” from when I briefly talked with Dr. Ahlfor. However I was not aware that they are actually attempting to move the trail to the west. At the same time a caveat should be mentioned, the Russian government was funding this trial originally, at least to some extent… If they are trying to move to the west I imagine something has come between that
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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesMcM View Post
    This is good news, I surmised it into ?currently in an investment period? from when I briefly talked with Dr. Ahlfor. However I was not aware that they are actually attempting to move the trail to the west.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Fly_Pelican_Fly View Post
    Not sure they would describe it as "bitching"......
    Protesting, remonstrating, expostulating, admonishing, etc to the point of ad nauseam and in some cases not using factual arguments, disregarding many factors that don’t fit their narrative ( or just flat out lying/making stuff up like creating new definitions), and in many cases making abhorrent generalizations riddled with hypocrisy, all together creating convoluted ideological concepts; ergo bitching.

    And hell we need to join in for our own cause, but we don’t have to make shit up as the existential reasons of our cause is - comparatively - far less petty and trivial; then say “Social economic inequalities, getting a mean word thrown at you based on something you can’t change, and not fitting in everywhere essentially” (mind you of course all three of those things are definitely an innate part of being severely disabled, but in my eyes - as the broken disgruntled, whiny minority would say Before beginning any statement, With a proclamation and specification of their type of minority status - “as a quadriplegic” all three of those things are at the bottom of the barrel in terms of our horrific, abhorrent and in some cases perilous situation [ in fact the social economic inequalities are substantially more severe and far more complicated, yet ironically in some aspects more simplistic: insurmountable physiological barriers to the VAST majority of the workforce for example].
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    Quote Originally Posted by StemCells&AtomBombs View Post
    Actually, I answered the question. I'd also like to hear your answers unless your questions are rhetorical.
    You answered it unequivocally and very Thoroughly I might add.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fly_Pelican_Fly View Post
    Dennis, I have no interest in engaging with you. You shouldn?t be surprised by this either.
    This pleases me immensely, I got a good chuckle from that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lunasicc42 View Post
    i am not talking about one commercial 17 years ago that shows an imaginary situation; of course that didn't end up helping... I am thinking about brutally honest and telling commercials about the realities of living with an sci and showing that clinical progress is achievable but we need help from the public... Multiple different commercials highlighting the many complications of sci and how real science is trying to alleviate it... All that stuff most likely will not fit in a commercial, so the commercials would have a link to a reputable glossy website on the internet so people could go and learn further... OK now back to my question that you refuse to answer and deflect for some reason: basically What avenues or trials would you like to see pursued... If any
    He’s going to keep fixating on the aspect of “TV commercials”, you’re not going to get anywhere with him... but the fact is we need an arbiter that generates tremendous amount of Awareness and advocacy; basically somebody that would make people care. and isn’t afraid to say what needs to be said, no matter how embarrassing or degrading they are. I remember at one W2W A quadriplegic (whose name I cannot remember) made a very profound and sombre speech about the realities of living as a quadriplegic, remarking on just his morning routine, etc. for some reason he asked that his speech not be included in the video recordings. This is a barrier, The SCI community as a whole trying to pretend we are something we are not, trying to hide the dirty details, Focussing on garbage like call us “differently abled”, and worst of all the absolute lunatics that are out there screaming about how they “don’t need a cure”, and then ranting about how it’s offensive to suggest otherwise and speak with a dogmatism as if to imply they speak for disabilities - and those affected by them - as a whole.

    Also keep in mind many of the researchers/labs do not want exactly what they are doing and working with to be public knowledge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fly_Pelican_Fly View Post
    PS this thread is titled "Why don't we have a Cure for Spinal Cord Injury". We do not have a cure as the research field doesn't know how to regenerate the adult human chronic spinal cord.
    LMFAO to write in such a highfaluting manner, to conclude with this... If only it was as simple as just regenerating spinal tissue. The audacity is literally palpable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fly_Pelican_Fly View Post
    Nope you missed the point. Did you conveniently forget your nasty unprovoked public facebook attacks on me last year?
    Ohhhh sweetheart... I’m sure you wouldn’t call that bitching either

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    Quote Originally Posted by StemCells&AtomBombs View Post
    No, not surprised at all. No one likes to be called out for trolling with questions you have no intention to answer or can't answer while demanding everyone first answer for you. Engaging with me would require you to answer up and have a true debate about ideas as opposed to pretending to know; that's why I'm not surprised
    He doesn’t know anything that is of any more important or predominant Then what many of us can provide, it’s exhibited through his Deflective and histerically arrogant tactics. I argued with this man for quite some time about how the device used in Louisville (which as we know was surgically implanted directly on the four patients spinal cord) was obsolete in comparison to Dr. Edgertons device being patented by NRT, which achieved better results with transcutaneous stimulation. He repeatedly just asked the same question “well how do you know it is any more advanced” in 10 different ways. Gee I don’t know: the results speak for itself in their case study, The fact that it’s far less invasive just as efficacious; if we want to be really simplistic just the amount of electrical leads and higher frequencies makes the device used in Louisville obsolete in comparison. It went on and on.

    “ i’m not going to spoonfeed you” he says, The man wasn’t asking for help, nobody is looking to debate (other than him evidently). But that is his response to a simple question what particular research do you find most promising. I‘ve never seen anything like it on this fourm! Literally anyone else would just start cordially start listing off the particular research they find the most promising? Nope, not pelican he’s not going to spoonfeed us with his apotheosis of knowledge on the matter. This pleases me immensely.

    He asks a few intentionally ambiguous questions, With the intention of being condescending. When someone takes the time to thoroughly answer the questions, to the point where he can not deflect or reject: “ i’m not going to talk to you, you were mean to me on Facebook A year ago”. LMAO. And then talks about convenience HAHAHAHA This is a completely useless thread, but man I am getting a laugh out of it.
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