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Thread: Do You Drive In A Manual Wheelchair? If so, please read

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    Do You Drive In A Manual Wheelchair? If so, please read

    If you are currently driving in a manual wheelchair - I would love to know what type of lock down system you are using. I have been using the "Lokk Up" system for about 6 years and it has been great. However, it was discontinued and now I'm wondering if there are any lock down systems at all that work for manual wheelchairs. EZ Lock and Q'Straint work with some types of manual chairs I guess.

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    EZ Lock with a box frame chair. I had to go with a Quikie GPV
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    A while back I modified an EZ lock bracket for a folding chair to work with my friends Tilite TR. He drives from this chair in his truck. Since EZ lock doesn't make a bracket like this for a rigid manual chair, you may can find a local welding/fabrication shop to make it for you. Here's the one I made:

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    great work brad rep
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    Excellent work Brad.

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