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Thread: Paralyzed man surprises scientists by standing and moving on his own

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    Thumbs up Paralyzed man surprises scientists by standing and moving on his own

    A man who was paralyzed following an extremely severe spinal cord injury has regained the ability to stand and move his limbs independently and without the need for electrical stimulation?much to the surprise of scientists working with him.
    The 32-year-old had been involved in a motorcycle accident during which he suffered from a complete spinal cord injury?meaning he had a total lack of motor function below the level of injury. The spinal cord connects the brain to almost every part of the body, so when it is damaged instructions?like telling the legs to move?cannot be communicated.
    After 21 months of rehabilitation, the patient could not walk, stand or move his legs but he then enrolled in a clinical trial involving the use of spinal cord epidural stimulation (scES). This is an approach to treating people with spinal cord injuries where a device is used to send electrical signals to motor neurons. Over the course of this study, he and three other participants had regained the ability to stand and move their lower limbs when the sdES device was activated

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    Individual with complete spinal cord injury regains voluntary motor function

    Extended activity-based training with epidural stimulation resulted in ability to stand and move without stimulation
    "Some people say that, the longer you go the better it gets the more you get used to it, I'm actually finding the opposite is true."

    -Christopher Reeve on his Paralysis

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    Awesome NEWS!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GRAMMY View Post
    The full paper in Nature is HERE
    They say complete paraplegic, but in the the video the man says his level was C6-C7, a quad. Interesting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silvio GS View Post
    They say complete paraplegic, but in the the video the man says his level was C6-C7, a quad. Interesting

    Materials and Methods Research participant.

    One of the four research participants with chronic motor complete SCI who were recruited to investigate the effects of activity-based training with scES on the recovery of lower limb motor function 18 was enrolled to perform additional activity-based training with scES at home and in the laboratory following the completion of the initial study. Research participant B13, a 32-year old male, was implanted with a spinal cord epidural stimulation unit 4.2 years afer SCI caused by a motorcycle accident. Prior to stimulator implant,this individual was unable to stand or walk independently or voluntarily move his legs despite standard-of-care rehabilitation and locomotor training received during the initial 21 months following the injury. Additional intensive locomotor training (80 sessions) performed prior to the stimulator implant did not result in functional improvements for standing, stepping or voluntary movement. Two clinicians independently performed a physical exam following the International Standards for Neurological Classification of Spinal Cord Injury 20,21 prior to stimulator implant, and classified the individual as AIS B (pinprick and light-touch present below the lesion), with a neurological level of injury at C7. In addition, as reported in a previous publication 19, no functional motor connectivity between the supra-spinal and spinal centers below the level of injury was detected in this research participant.The individual signed an informed consent for electrode implantation, stimulation, activity-based training and physiological monitoring studies approved by the University of Louisville and the University of California,Los Angeles Institutional Review Boards. All research activities were performed in accordance with the guidelines and regulations of these Institutional Review Boards. Te research participant and the other persons appearing in the Supplemental Videos included in this paper also gave written informed consent and granted full permission for their image to be used in publication online.

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    I wonder if he regained bowel or bladder function

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparky831 View Post
    I wonder if he regained bowel or bladder function

    Using epidural stimulation, these 4 young men can voluntarily move their legs and bear weight. They all regained their ability to move in just a few weeks after being implanted with an epidural stimulator. In even bigger news, they've seen dramatic improvement in autonomic functions including bladder and bowel control, sexual function, and temperature regulation. They've also experienced improved cardiovascular and respiratory capabilities. LINK

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    How many more years lol ... will I ever pee like a normal woman again? It's been 33yrs ... lol.
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    Have heard that for this to get to the point to help people outside of being a part of the research that it will require data on HUNDREDS. They have done 11 in 8 years. So while I am sure this will move at a faster pace then the previous 11, I can’t imagine that being less than 10-15 years, which is insane and sad.

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