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Thread: 63 years today

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    63 years today

    Today I am observing the 63rd anniversary of the trampoline accident that reshaped my life. I will be doing a lot of reminiscing. I am especially thankful for all the people who pushed and pulled me to get me to this point. That includes the whole CC community who I continue to learn from.
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    Happy anniversary to my quad brother!
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    Its ok to shed a tear or two. After that though, get yourself back together and continue to advise us as you do so much. You are appreciated by this writer. Be Spinal Cord Strong.
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    Have a good day 55! Had my 10 year mark this year, can't imagine 63! Makes my moaning about being paralyzed 10 years trivial. Keep it up.

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    Happy Anniversary 55!

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    You need to change your CC name: SCIfor63yrs..
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    lol agreed on the name change. Congrats!
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    Keep on keepin' on!

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