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    Transfer board

    Does anyone know of a plastic? transfer board that can be heated and molded? I use a Ride cushion and when I transfer to different levels my cushion prevents my board from"sinking" and I'm worried about losing a chunk of skin. Thanks

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    I know what you mean. The hard corner of a Ride cushion makes it impossible for a wooden transfer board to remain securely positioned. Another problem with a wooden transfer board is that the handles are only at the ends, which means you have to use a fist or a flat palm in the middle. A board that you can't grip and won't maintain it's position is an accident waiting to happen.

    I use a DMI plastic transfer board that has a lip and ridges that help secure its position even on a corner of a Ride cushion. The ridges also provide a place to hold the board all along the length not just the ends. They are also less expensive than wooden transfer boars. Just know that they are 27-1/2" rather than the standard 24" length. That can actually work out in your favor. Because a longer transfer board provides a more gradual slope. As a results you can easily slide off the end rather than have to get up and over the end of the board sticking up in the air. You may be also be interested in this alternate solution:

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    You might want to look at the Etac Immedia E-Board. It flexes:

    There is also the Sammons-Preston Comfort Glide Transfer Board (also flexible):

    Short of making your own, I am not aware of any heat-moldable slide boards.

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    i got pressure mapped a few months back, and we got to talking about the Ride cushions, my question was this same issue. He said that he had worked with a couple people and they "shaved" down the edge of the cushion where the board contacts, to make a flatter mating. He said this had no impact on their support or comfort.

    Having never even seen a Ride cushion, this is all secondary hearsay of course.
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    Bought a Ride Java cushion for my wife. There is a super firm base on the bottom and a gel filled overlay. I have carved edges of the firm composite base with carving knife and hacksaw blade to make transfers back to cushion easier. I plan to do additional work on the base with a power sander. I use a Ride Design Custom cushion and I believe I could do the same, however, you would need to be cautious as both cushions suspend your butt above cushion surface and you could ruin this if you hacked away too much.

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