I'm a c6-7 complete quad, 8 years post. I drink about 70 oz (2070 mL) of fluid per day. 36 oz of water, 10 oz of coffee, 24 oz of soda. I wear a binder & ted hose.

My bladder can only hold 300 mL as max. Often I'll leak even at 250 mL. I cath 8-9 times per 24 hrs, which includes 1 hour after laying down for the night, then 4 hours later. But I still leak every night.

I also have recurring UTI, probably from high bladder volumes that cause AD and leakage at night. I already cath 8-9 times a day.

I'm not sure what I should do. Is intermittent cathing just not feasible for me? I'd hate to get an SP and get permanent kidney shrinkage. Should I drink less fluid? Tips?