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Thread: temporary fix (glue) for leaking varilite cushion?

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    temporary fix (glue) for leaking varilite cushion?

    I'm still waiting, 30 days, for approval for a new varilite meridian cushion. Thought it was the valve. Replaced, still leaks. Submerged in water and found the leak; only problem it's next to where the valve support is, on the fabric where it's crinkled as it turns the corner. Anyone know of a glue I can squirt around in there for a temporary fix? Varilite people were suggesting shoe goo, but weren't real hopeful. There doesn't seem to be any way I can get a patch over this wrinkley place. Meanwhile I'm in danger with this cushion. Does everybody else have back-ups?

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    I've used Goop on roho cushions. It has worked well. I learned fast that it's a good idea to have backups. I have 3, 2 older rohos and a stimulite.

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    Try silicon rubber. It also come in many different colors and clear. You can find it at Walmart, Ace Hardware or just about any placed. Comes in a small tube of about 6oz.

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    Thank you guys SO much. You're life savers! My other cushions (other brands) used on previous chairs are too wide, so I was stuck.

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