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Thread: peristeen accessories?

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    most of the time I use the total bag, but of course I stop to inflate it at the end... and I've never blown a bag like this ! I think I can do one year or more with the same. I have some spare, if you have difficulties to find it tell me, I can send you some for free !
    I had an issue with the tubing too, solved by gluing it in place on the pump.
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    Hi - My son has been using Peristeen for 5 or 6 years now. It is a wonderful product, but crazy expensive. While there have been distributor issues, my understanding is that Coloplast has a sole distributor for U.S. market, which is ABC Medical. that is where we have been ordering from for the past couple of years. We have been lucky that our medical insurance has been covering. Link for ABC Medical:
    The paper inserts that come in the box of catheters have the product codes for ordering parts/pieces. There are product codes on the Coloplast website but you have to hunt for them. If you want a picture of the paper insert I can post.

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    We have been using the system for years as well. Never had issues with the bag but have had with some catheters as well as the tubing leaking at the connectors. We have had lots of success just complaining to the supplier about the issue and then they have Coloplast send out replacements. The only U.S. supplier is ABC Medical, easily found on-line. They can put you in touch with Coloplast directly if needed. Good luck! It is a great system, much success with it.

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