I'm currently an incomplete tetra, walking but in pain, numb etc. Been like this since 2008 when a fall and subsequent MRI revealed a historic spinal cord injury from a car crash in 1989, the damage had been missed. I'm currently c5/6/7 fused, l5/s1 fused. cord was 80%* compressed with permanent signal changes. I am in constant pain which worsens with movement and have been put forward for Spinal cord stimulator trial. My question I currently get the normal level of mobility for PIP as I can walk, but as am in constant pain I wondered whether this would count to enhanced mobility? I have retired aged 49 from work on the advice of consultants as although lucky I can walk and move this is also helping to deteriorate the condition so have to be v careful. Any thoughts would be useful, even if it is just to point me to existing threads that deal with UK disability as all I can find are USA references.

I was on apparelyzed as Wobbly and would welcome hellos from any of the old members and new ones here too xx

Much love to you all Karen