I have not been around much lately but I am looking for some advice or possibly to some related threads. I am a T-10 complete about 12 years post. For the first 5 or 6 years I was able to stay very lean and always preinjury as I was very active in sports. After being with my fiance for the past 6 years I have put on about 25 pounds, mostly in the belly area, that I would like to get rid of. I have heard of the term parabelly before but I am unsure of what exactly that is. It seems odd that I would just magically put on that weight after 5 years. I know it is due in part to having someone cook yummy food for me all the time and possibly due to some lesser inactivity. It's not like I am completely stagnant but she is happy to do a lot of things for me that I used to do for myself. Nothing major... just trips to the store and stuff which I don't seem to do as much of now. Jeez.. I know weight loss is a problem for many people but I guess it is more difficult for us. I have been trying to eat better for almost a year now with very little results. I am scared to due hard workouts due to having chronic pain and the possibility of making that worse. Anyway, there are some facts about the problem. Any positive feedback or directing me to some good threads on the topic of loosing belly weight would be great! Thanks in advance!