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Thread: Jay2 cushion repair

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    Jay2 cushion repair

    Hello friends of the forum, how are you? I bought a jay 2 cushion and I got broken ... Anyone know how I could repair or paste it?I expect suggestions.Thank you.

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    Hi, same problem here…
    I've tried ShoeGoo (or similar :Poly Urethane glue) without success.
    I'm now trying Superglue (or similar : CyanoAcrylate glue)… It seems to work, but this material (The plastic cover of the cushion) looks like PolyEthylene, hot welded. Very difficult to repair or glue. Don't expect too much !
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    How long ago did you purchase it? I am asking because there's a chance it might be covered under warranty. I know the bladders on my Jayx2 are covered for 2 years I just got mine replaced for free.

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    I would try this stuff:

    Just make sure you clean it real good, I would imagine that gel isn't easy to remove.

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