I've been doing all sorts of fun stuff this year. Let's see, I started in May by a thing they put on here in Arizona called day on the lake. The Barrows Neurological Institute rehab recreational therapist is a friend of mine and always reminds me when something is coming up. This year I got to get on the water ski and skim the top of the water. It was a lot of fun. There were four things we got to do. Jet ski, waterski, fishing and then a party boat at the end of the day. Waterskiing was my favorite. I got up to a pretty good speed and the long run, maybe four minutes straight and several stops and go.
In July there was a retreat called "camp with a ramp". There was a group of us final print injuries who got to go north up at a ranch a little bit north of Payson Arizona. It was a three-day basically a camping trip where there was a variety of separate stuff we can do. The first night we got to do a dance. It was a blast. A bunch of the volunteers got in the sports chairs that were brought there. The next day started with getting on a horse and riding around a corral. Of course I did a bunch of people told me of what the saddle had a really high seatback so I was strapped to that so I really wouldn't fall. We all gathered for lunch and the next thing I was signed up for was archery. It was a suction cup arrow so we didn't really hurt anybody or anything. I actually hit a target. It wasn't my target but I got it. LOL. Later that night we got to tell stories around a fire pit. I got to tell a few goofy stories that I always come up with on the spot. A lot of the people were laughing pretty good. The next day started with me getting back on a horse. I used to be a cowboy so riding the horse felt really good. Then we all got to get in a picture and then drove us home.
A few weeks ago I got to get back in the water. I loved waterskiing. I overheated on the jet ski. It was over 100? out and of course we weren't getting wet riding on top of the jet ski so I spent some time getting sprayed down in front of a fan to cool myself off and getting back in the water to ride on the waterski again.
I've had all sorts of fun over the past year. In February I went skiing at snowball. They put us on a sit ski and got us going down the mountain pretty fast. To turn all I had to do was lean my head a little bit and the ski would lean over onto little skis on the side to keep me from falling over and the ski in the middle would make it turn. Of course there is someone behind me holding onto a rope attached to the ski so it ended going to too fast but he did say that I probably got up to 35 mph. There was a girl going down the mountain with us taking video so I posted it on YouTube along with a bunch of other stuff.