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Thread: My latest adventures, all sorts of fun this summer

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    Just saw this, it's so sad. As others have said, at the very least he was getting to enjoy life again after many years of struggles. Thanks for the post lynnifer.

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    With all his problems it appears that he always saw the glass half-full and not half empty. It's a darn shame. SCI truly sucks!
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    Glad to see he had a lot of great moments this past year. He looked so happy in the water.

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    sad to see this, rybread was a long time member and these summer videos show he had finally had his pain managed so he could live his life.
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    Dang, I used to come in and read posts for a few years before I actually joined the forum. I remember some pictures he posted after a flap surgery and months of no sitting. At least he had some great times this summer.

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    damn i just caught wind of this. this is so sad to hear. i remember i was supposed to link up with him years ago when i went to visit my sister in arizona, but he was in bad shape due to pressure sore so i never got too.

    this injury is making me sick to my stomach, i think i made a thread awhile ago about feeling like im living in a ticking time bomb. god we need a cure so bad.

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    Wow, 3 days from full o' fun, to gone. Damn shame for sure, RIP Ryan. What the hell went wrong on his pump adjustment? I have one too, and now I got some new shit to worry about? SCI blows.

    Sorry to keep this going, but been absent and just saw this.
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