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Thread: Looking for a hand held remote controler for Ricon lift

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    Looking for a hand held remote controler for Ricon lift

    Where can I get a new remote controller for the Ricon Ultra-lite lift in my van? This would be the controller that opens and closes the door and operates the lift and is a hand held portable (no cord attached, kind of looks like a candy bar). The original one is 24 years old and the place that installed the lift has long been gone. Thanks in advance for the help.

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    I went through this dilemma with the remote for the Braun lift on my van. I built a new one with a cheap universal remote off of eBay. It actually works better, and has more range than the original. Here's the one I used:

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    Hey man, sounds great. What did you all have to change for a rebuild. I'm not a real techy guy or into electronics but would appreciate a crash course on your successful mission.

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    Well, I'm certainly not any techie either, but you do have to have a grasp of basic automotive electrical systems. I did spend a large amount of time, and trial and error to figure it out though. Too bad your lift is a Ricon because it's a lot different than a Braun. If you're not in any hurry I'll do my best to walk (hehe) you through the process.

    First off, are you sure your model lift is an Ultralite? I tried looking for a wiring diagram but only came up with a Unilite. Any model ID info on the lift (tag, plate or whatever) would be helpful. Also, there should be a receiver box somewhere in the van, see if you can locate it; it could be behind interior panels, but could be exposed.

    Note to Moderator(s): if possible please move this topic to the other equipment section so others faced with broken remote on older models controls can benefit.

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    You got it, it's a Uni-Lite. I'm not sure what you are calling the "receiver box". I've pretty much been into automotives all my life but leave the electrical stuff to the insane group. Tell me more.

    Looks like the Mod's are out to lunch.

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    The remote that you hold in your hand is the transmitter. There has to be a receiver located somewhere inside the van, I guess it could be inside the lift, but I doubt it. There might be a small antenna. Can you see a wiring harness coming off the lift? Or any plugs on the lift that have at least 6 pins?

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    Oldtimer, forgot to ask, what's up with your transmitter, did you drop it? I found a manual, more than likely the receiver is buried behind an upholstery panel. Does you van have the magnetic switches in the tail light, to operate it?

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    I don't see any plugs on the lift. There is a wire harness coming from the lift and going into a switch box inside the van on the lift frame. A switch on the lift allows the lift to raise or lower. The switches inside the van allow the doors to open/close and the lift to be vertical or horizontal.

    It does have the tail light magnetic switches and all operate as they should.

    My transmitter over the years has just become less active and is now to the point that it might operate from a foot away or might not (the battery inside is good). I can change the transmitter code from a buddy's remote to be like mine and it works fine 20 feet away, we have the same setup. To me that indicates a bad/weak transmitter/remote, or did I miss something?

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    What kind of battery does the transmitter use. 9 Volt? Does the transmitter have an indicator light?

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    Transmitter uses a 9 volt battery and does have the indicator light. It the light comes on I know it made contact and will work. It isn't working this morning and there are no sounds like a click, just dead.

    It is an EMC (Electronic Mobility Controls) transmitter but I can't find any info on it.

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