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    school desktop

    Hi everyone
    I recently went back to school for IT.
    We built our boxes on Tue. Got them hooked up to PXE in the BIOS to load Win 10.
    Somewhere in the setup I had it log in to my microsoft account.
    Everything still works and I can still do my exams but I can't change the settings.
    I dislike that ugly default black background with win 10.
    Mostly, I don't want it displaying the desktop background it currently shows.
    I am not sure how it got it. It is an image on my facebook.
    I would prefer it be default like my fellow peers.
    Any ideas on how to back out of it?
    I can't change the background since it tells me I need to activate it.

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    Until you activate it, it won't allow you to personalize it. I had to replace my mobo and it didn't recognize my system when I reinstalled Windows 10. I couldn't change anything and had to get a new Windows key.

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    Hey Nick! Can't help you there but just wanted to say glad to hear from you and I hope Isis is doing well!

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